Thursday, 30 July 2020

GTS Bike Track Opening

Today we had the GRAND OPENING for our BRAND NEW BIKE TRACK. They started working on the bike track when we came out of lock down. 

We had to meet in the hall and our Chair of our Board, Scott talked to us about cycling. He introduced Campbell Stewart to everyone. He is a NZ Champion in Cycling. Our Kapa Haka Group sung waiata as well. 
Once the ceremony was over and Matua T blessed our bike track, we got to go out onto the field. Some of us got selected to ride the bike track on some of the new bikes. Some people did wheelies and cool tricks on there. 

We're so lucky to have the bike track and the bikes that have been donated and stored at school. 

We are very lucky at GTS. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Our postcards have arrived!

Get NZ Writing. 

Today we received a SPECIAL package! It was from our buddy class at Paparangi School in Wellington. We had so much fun reading their postcards and giggled at some too. We hope they enjoyed our postcards just as much as we enjoyed theirs. 


Wednesday, 24 June 2020

BBM Mindfulness with Whaea Leah

Today, during Mindfulness with Whaea Leah we had to work together as a TEAM to get our team members across the river and back again. We had to do it safely.

It was a bit tricky because we had to figure out the best order for us to get our team over. But it was also LOTS and LOTS of FUN!

Monday, 8 June 2020

School Kit - Let's get NZ Writing

Today, we finally got to try on the 3D glasses and read our poem that we wrote together! We even got to have a look outside with our glasses on and the sky looked AMAZING! 

Thursday, 4 June 2020

How to make Panipopo - By Ava May

We have been learning about procedural writing and using Samoan dishes to write recipes for. Here is Ava-May's Panipopo writing. Click on the image to take you directly to her Doc.

 How to make Panipopo - By Ava-May

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Samoan Language Week - Panipopo

Today we learnt about a Samoan dessert - PANIPOPO (Coconut Buns)

We watched a video from Coconet tv to help us cook. 

To save time, Mrs Faalili made the dough at home. When it was time to make our pani popo the dough had doubled in size! 

We each worked in groups of 3 to make a tray of panipopo. We got to punch the flour, flatten it, roll it and then cut into pieces. Once it was cut, we put them in our tray. 

For the juice, we used coconut cream, water and sugar. We mixed it together and then poured it over our buns. We saved some so that we could put some on the buns while they were cooking. 

The end product was DELICIOUS! SWEET! JUICY!